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Be There


Be There.

2 words that were spoken at a funeral a couple of months ago that totally spoke to me.  So much so that I just could not  get them out of my head. I couldn’t get them off of my heart. And I couldn’t ignore this stirring I feel.


Be There.

I’m not good at it. I’m not good at being where I am and being absolutely 100% joyous with right where I am at all times.

I compare. I compare to those that have more than me…a better business, better health, happier appearance, more success, better car, bigger smile, less stress…the list goes on.

Be There.

I am ‘with’ my kids A LOT, a whole lot, I’m mean I’m a WAHM so I’m here a lot. But am REALLY here? No. I’m not. I have a million and one things in my head and lists for miles and to do’s that don’t quit and commitments that haunt me and my mind never stops. So sure I’m there but not REALLY.

Be There.

I love my husband more than anything on the face of this planet, he’s my absolute favorite person ever. But I’m 1) human and 2) a woman so therefore I know I don’t show it enough. I know that he leaves some days and I’m so dang irritated with the fact that his shoes are what I tripped over and his cup from the day before is still sitting out and the trash is overflowing and the list I had for him hasn’t made progress in months and I’m taking note of every single one of these so that I can store them until I totally blow up.

Be There.

I have faith. I believe. I have a relationship with the Lord and I love spending time in His word. But lately i have many days that other things take priority, that I say my prayers with the kids and that’s about all, that I think about my spiritual journey but have too much going on to focus on it.

Be There.

Why does it take a tragedy for us to be so incredibly grateful for our place in this world?

Why can’t we live every day with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy?

Why can’t we always be the best version of ourselves?

Why can’t we be more present with those we love and cherish?

Why can’t we give this life ALL we have?

Be There.

Think on it. How can YOU apply those 2 words to your life???

My hope and prayer is that this post will reach as many people as possible…Because this is the good stuff, this is the real stuff, this is the life changing stuff! Better than a before and after, better than a great recipe, better than a workout video…this is something that we ALL need. And even though the circumstances were not ideal, I was so blessed to hear those words today ❤️


Top Tips to Stay on Track

Here we go, closing out one year and heading into another!  You know what that means, right?!?!  LOTS of New Years resolutions popping up all over the place!  And MOST resolutions have something to do with health and fitness…maybe that’s because so many of us give up on those resolutions by the time February hits!


I’m not much of a ‘resolution’ gal…I go for GOALS!!!  When I make a goal, I pretty much do whatever it takes to reach to it.  So in light of that, I thought I’d share some of my personal tips on how I stay on track to reach my goals in regards to health and fitness 🙂

1. INTERMITTENT FASTING-even during this CRAZY holiday season when there’s snacks and sugar galore, I stick to my eating window of about 8-10 hours.  My goal is always 8 hours but I don’t beat myself up if I have a 10 hour window from time to time 😉

2. WATER WATER WATER-and for some reason this is HARD for me in the winter!  I usually chug so much water I get made fun of, but when that colder weather hits, I struggle fitting it all in. So my goal is at least half of my body weight in ounces every single day..

3. 30 MINUTE METABOLIC CONDITIONING WORKOUTS-forget the hours upon hours at the gym!  I do around 30 minutes of high intensity movement workouts to keep me on track. Granted, this year has been tough since I couldn’t workout until after Christmas BUT to stay on track with the New Year and start 2018 right, I have been hitting it HARD but still in under an hour

4. GIMME ALL THE VEGGIES-any chance I get, I’ve been loading up on veggies.  I try to eat varieties of broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and spinach the most…I steam them, roast them, broil them and even eat some of it raw!

5. DON’T HAVE AN ALL OR NOTHING APPROACH-you gotta have GRACE!  A lot of times we are great about giving that to others but we are really terrible about giving ourselves grace and allowing ourselves to mess up.  So doing everything in a bit of balance helps to alleviate that.  Eat the dang chocolate, have the dessert, toast with the champagne…and freaking ENJOY it!!!

6. GET BACK ON THE WAGON-don’t wait until the next day or the next week to it the VERY next meal or opportunity you have!!!  If you eat or drink something that’s not in line with your plan, don’t feel like the whole day is ruined, just get back on that dang wagon…drink extra water, eat more veggies and move on.


My FREE Fat Loss Challenge is kicking off soon…you’ll get more of my personal tips and gain your own knowledge on how to find YOUR healthy solution.  JOIN US and get your 2018 kicked off the best way possible!!!



Leptin Resistance…what is it??


Leptin resistance is basically your body holding onto weight but yet your brain can’t quite seem to figure out what’s up. It’s caused mainly from inflammation. The only way to truly diagnose is through a blood test, but it’s not always accurate because our leptin levels fluctuate so much…so it’s usually diagnosed through symptoms more than anything.




  1. If a lot of your weight gain/fat storage is around your mid-section it’s a good clue that you MIGHT be Leptin Resistant.  If you’ve tried everything possible and still not budging from that area, don’t beat yourself up and just know that if you can work to get leptin issues controlled, you should start to see and FEEL a difference
  2. Out of control cravings…if you seem to plan pretty good for the day but in between the wheels fall off, you MIGHT be Leptin Resistant.  Maybe try NOT snacking and just eating your 3 squared meals and more of it and see if that helps.
  3. If you’ve been trying to lose weight and you cut your calories drastically and aren’t eating enough, it could throw your body off and make your levels out of whack…including leptin.  When you drastically cut calories, your body goes into fat storage mode rather than fat burning mode.
  4. When you are too stressed and not rested enough, you can become Leptin Resistant.  Making sure to keep your cortisol in check by doing your R&R workouts, walking, and getting enough sleep you can make changes in this!
  5. If you eat a typical modern diet of processed foods and you have struggled with all of the above, chances are that you have become Leptin Resistant.  Flooding your body with bursts of energy through the processed foods of pastas, breads, sugars, sodas, etc. only leads to more damage and sets those leptin levels into a roller coaster ride that’s no good for you!




  1. Eat nutrient dense, WHOLE foods and limit your processed foods as much as possible..meaning you need to focus on protein, veggies and healthy fats more than anything else
  2. Limit your snacking…stick to main meals instead.
  3. Add strength training to your exercise routine…cardio junkies tend to have a higher rate of leptin resistance than others! Also, getting in your R&R workouts and walking are a BIG piece of success
  4. Lower your stress and get more sleep…easier said than done, I get it.  BUT make it a priority, this is your health we are talking about!  Those R&R workouts are a great opportunity for lowering stress…even getting a massage or just taking a relaxing bath can count.  There’s also some great meditation apps you can try…even 5-10 minutes a day can make a world of difference
  5. Increase your Omega 3s…we seem to get enough of the Omega6 that we need but lack in Omega 3.  So adding fish into your diet (wild caught only) and even taking a great Omega3 supplement can help with this!
  6. An ADVANCED Fat Loss tip when dealing with Leptin resistance is to do Intermittent Fasting (IF).  It’s the quickest way to decrease the resistance BUT can be difficult for those who are used to being a constant eater.  

Finding the Balanced Life…why????


It’s true…I’m a believer in FINDING THE BALANCED LIFE!  Will it be perfect?  Nope.  Am I ok with that?  Ehhh, I’m learning to be 😉

But I truly believe this is what works for the long term…not being too restrictive in our diets, not beating ourselves up if one workout is missed, and ENJOYING the process.  It’s not for everyone and I get it!  But for me, it’s what works and it’s how I like to help people reach their goals of getting better.  Not a total overhaul, but a PERFECTLY IMPERFECT balance!

I’ll be launching a new challenge next week called ‘Sweat and Soul’ that you can be a part of…just click here and you’ll get added to the page so that you can follow along each day!  Just 5 days of digging into a bit of our soul with some gratitude and a workout each day to go along with it.

See you in the group!!!

Fat Loss Project: Beta Launch Announcement

This is it y’all!!! Something SUPER exciting that I have been working on behind the scenes and am ready to let YOU in on 🙂

Several years ago, I experienced a new way of training and a new way of eating that led me to GREAT results but also something I could fit into my lifestyle.  I didn’t have to restrict myself too much or spend hours at the gym…it was just what I needed!!!  I studied more on it and ended up gaining my nutritional consult certification to put together with my Personal Training certification and it’s been a BEAUTIFUL blend!!!

Now I want to offer YOU a first hand look at this labor of love…YOU can have the opportunity to have your hands in something that is being created! I need your input, your feedback, your testimony!

What do you get??

  • 4 weeks of workouts: 2 metabolic strength workouts per week, interval training options and 1 core workout per week
  • nutritional guidance WITHOUT weighing or measuring or counting calories
  • access to the FAT LOSS PROJECT page
  • live videos for workout demos
  • live Q&A sessions

What is expected of you??

  • do the program as designed, just follow the plan 🙂
  • take measurements (photos are HIGHLY recommended)
  • provide feedback
  • submit testimony
  • refer friends and family

Now the deets!!!  You can get in on this BETA round for just $17!!! Space IS LIMITED and registration closes on October 15 at 10:00pm CST.  To get in, you’ll need to send me your email address so that I can send your payment request through PayPal.

AND for each person that gives YOUR name when joining, you will receive samples of my FAVORITE clean pre-workout!!!

Simply reach out to me, with the title I’M IN!!!!  Then let me know the best email address to use to send your payment request through PayPal and I’ll send the request for $17!!!!

Let’s lose some fat!!!!


10 Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Results

Losing weight is not easy, no one ever claimed it was.  I mean if this was a simple process, think of how healthy we would be…not to mention all the 6 packs that would be walking around, lol!  But it takes WORK and it takes a little bit of learning what works and what doesn’t for YOU.  So here’s a list of 10 things that might be hindering your progress and a few tips on how to combat them.

Take a look and see which ones might apply to you:

  1. Not getting the rest your body needs
  2. Cardio Junkie
  3. Not eating enough fibrous veggies
  4. Eat your protein…all kinds
  5. Fat loss or fat storage?  Fuel your body!
  6. Lacking in water intake
  7. Mindless snacking…we all do it
  8. Spot training in your workouts
  9. Not having a plan
  10. Letting your mind get in the way

MORE on Hormones and Fat Loss

It’s a REALLY big topic that can go on for ages…hormones.  I’m not an expert, I just want to share what I have learned over my years of experience in learning a more balanced lifestyle approach to fat loss.

Leptin and Ghrelin are two of the most important aspects in learning if we’re truly hungry or if we are just having a craving.

Leptin is a hormone that acts as a fuel gauge for our day to day hunger…and when this is off, the WHEELS fall off!  You’ve been there…you could just eat and eat and eat for no apparent reason and then feel lethargic, out of whack and just not normal.

Ghrelin is a more hour to hour gauge. You’ll know when it’s time to eat because you’re hungry and your stomach starts talking to you in growls!

But wait, there’s more!  Testosterone ALSO plays a role in how our bodies react to fat loss.  Keeping this hormone in check will help us to BURN fat rather than STORE it.

*totally check with your medical provider if you have more in depth questions than what’s addressed in this video.  Again, I am NOT a medical professional, and I can’t diagnose any of these issues, I’m just sharing my journey!

Hormones and Fat Loss

Hormones determine whether we are burning SUGAR or FAT!  I don’t know about you, but I want to burn FAT…all day 😉

There’s so many hormones in our body BUT for this, just focus on Insulin, Glucagon and Cortisol and let’ talk about the role those play in raises blood sugar AND how we can have a bit of control over it!

Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss

Did you know there’s actually a BIG difference in WEIGHT LOSS v. FAT LOSS?!?!  There’s SO many ways to lose weight, I mean if you happen to ever hop on the internet or social media, you’re bombarded with low calorie diets, low fat diets, this pill, that pill, blah blah blah.  No?  Just me?!!?

But here’s the deal…when targeting FAT LOSS, it’s so important to go a bit deeper…to find the ways that YOUR body will respond and to make your lifestyle fit accordingly!